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David Caon is one of Australia's leading industrial designers and the designer behind our Vela cheese knife set. The design process with David and his team at Caon Design Office was a joy as we navigated our formaggio odyssey together. With his extensive experience for refined product and industrial design, his impeccable taste and love for his native country Italy, the creative process truly flowed. We felt privileged to be in such good hands and are thrilled with the result.
We interviewed David over aperitivo to celebrate the launch of our cheese knives.

Tell us about Caon Design Office, how would you describe your practice/process?
CDO is a truly multidisciplinary practice. We work on everything from tableware, to interiors to aerospace projects. It’s evolved that way quite naturally and we try to apply a similar approach to all the different project typologies.
What has been your career highlight to date?
My long standing relationship with Qantas Airways. We’ve worked with them since founding the studio and we continue to develop a design language together.
Do you feel that your Italian heritage influence your design?
Yes in a way. Most of my favourite designers are from Italy. There’s something about the Italian mid-century era that I very much connect with. It had an optimism with an edge of the futuristic that resonates with me.
What would be your dream project (after the Vela Cheese Knives of course!)?
Difficult question. The Vela project was lovely as it was a very pure and open brief. I love transport so it might be exploring something in that space. I’d also love to do another glassware product.
Who are the designers that inspire you?
Bellini, Rams, Sottssas, Castiglioni are up there.
Favourite destination for design inspiration
How would your dream dinner party (or lunch) unfold? ….What would be on the menu, where would you be, who would your guests be?
I like something that isn’t rushed and isn’t complicated. A long lead up aperitivo with Martinis and Champagne. I like a good mix of entree / starter dishes to share. This is actually my favourite part of the meal. And then a really simple mains. Shared or otherwise. I’m not really into dessert beyond cheese or a lemon sorbet (or both). Always coffee. Preferably at someone’s home and preferably near the water.
Most importantly - what is your favourite cheese? And wine pairing
A mild Pecorino paired with a cooler Barolo.
Photography by Nick Tsindos