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Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set
Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set
Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set
Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set
Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set
Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set

Vela cheese knives - 3 piece set

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Sail away with ALEX AND TRAHANAS.

ALEX AND TRAHANAS is thrilled to announce the release of their Vela cheese knives designed by leading Italian-Australian industrial designer David Caon. Vela is the Italian word for sailing, has inspired the sculptural forms of the tableware that evoke the shapes of sailing boats cutting across the horizon. Crafted in olive wood and steel, the trio of cheese knives have a European aesthetic, designed to elevate a festa del formaggio.

Deck, dinner table or al fresco: divine your destination and set sail.

The 3 piece set includes: 

A rounded spatula knife made for spreadable cheeses and pate. Ideal for ricotta, soft chèvre and ripe taleggio.
A pronged-tip knife designed for semi-soft cheeses, making them easier to serve. Ideal for blue cheese, brie and provolone.
A cleaver knife designed for slicing firmer cheeses. Ideal for aged cheddar, pecorino, manchego and comte.

The set of cheese knives are beautifully packaged in an embroidered green and cream striped canvas knives wrap which is rolled and placed into a gift box, making the perfect gift or piece to bring out when entertaining with friends. 

Cheese knives material: olive wood handles with 18/10 stainless steel blade.
Knives wrap material: 100% cotton canvas

Care instructions:
Handle with care
Do not soak or place in the dishwasher.
Gentle hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately with a cotton cloth
Avoid cleaners containing bleach or citrus extracts
Oil the wood handle as needed with food-safe mineral oil.

Caution: Sharp blade. Handle with care.

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